Harrison Ford And Ryan Gosling Absolutely Lose It During Hilarious Interview

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harrison ford ryan gosling blade runner 2049 interview

Alison Hammond from This Morning attempted to interview Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling in hopes to get some info about their new movie ‘Blade Runner 2049’. The interview definitely didn’t go as planned!

Hammond’s bubbly personality had Gosling and Ford laughing before the interview even started. From that point on, the interview was nothing more than hilarious banter.
At one point, Gosling poured himself a nip of whiskey in a provided ‘Blade Runner’ inspired glass and then Hammond did the same. Ford ended up forgoing a sip of his coffee for a swig of whiskey as well!
If this interview is any indication as to how these two acted on set…one could imagine that Blade Runner 2049 must have been a super fun movie to film!