This Tick Eating Machine Is The Ultimate Way To Get Rid Of Ticks!

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Have a tick problem? Well if you do and you want to get rid of them, we have a solution. Get a Opossum!

Opossum can kill and eat about 5,000 ticks per season and seriously put a dent in the #tick population.


Opossums are sort of magnet when it comes to riding the world of black-legged ticks, which spread Lyme disease. So remember, don’t hit an Opossum if you see one ‘playing dead’ in the middle of the road…which they often do.

Several years ago, scientists decided to learn about the part different mammals play in the spread of the ticks and the disease.

They tested six species — white-footed mice, chipmunks, squirrels, opossums and veerys and catbirds — by capturing and caging them, and then exposing each test subject to 100 ticks.

What they found, is that of the six, the opossums were remarkably good at getting rid of the ticks — much more so that any of the others.

“We had no suspicion they’d be such efficient tick-killing animals” scientists stated.

So, again…if you have a tick problem this year, round up a few Opossums and watch the ticks slowly fade away!

Here is a map of where Opossums can be found throughout the United States.


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