Haunt Your Own Home With This Terrifying Smartphone Game

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Want to turn your house into a scene from Paranormal Activity? If so, just play Night Terrors, an upcoming augmented reality horror game that uses your smartphone to turn your very own home into a place you probably won’t want to be after dark.

The game is designed to be played in your own home at night, with the lights switched off and your ears plugged with headphones. Using the flash and camera on your smartphone, the game scans your surroundings and builds an internal map to determine how best to scare you as you wander around in search of a young girl in need of rescue.

You’ll need to walk throughout your home in order to complete the game, all while being hunted by various supernatural entities. Everything you hear will come from the game itself and thanks to the headphones, you will won’t miss a sound. This will surely maximize the creepiness of tip-toeing through your halls in the dead of night.

Source : Youtube

Night Terrors is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, and it’s raised about 5% of its goal in the first day, with 40 yet to go. At present, the game is slated to arrive on Apple’s iPhone 5 and above, but the developers note that Android and Windows Phone versions could follow shortly thereafter.