You Can Sleep In A haunted House Built In 1632 This Halloween At Colonial Williamsburg

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If you are into the supernatural and enjoy a good scare, then this opportunity is right up your alley! 

Colonial Williamsburg is stepping up the scare factor by allowing visitors stay in their Haunted Colonial Houses for the first time ever.

While many of the district’s Colonial Houses have always been open for accommodations, this is the first year they’re allowing stays for Halloween, and, exposing the haunted history of each house.

Those who’ve stayed in the houses before have reported paranormal activity like moving furniture, ghostly figures, and untraceable sounds…

Founded in 1632, The Revolutionary City is one of America’s oldest—and it’s full of history and ghost tales. Legend has it that Thomas Jefferson, who stayed in one of the houses—the Market Square Tavern, which is one of Colonial Williamsburg’s 88 original buildings—haunts it to this day.

In another house, a woman in full period dress has reportedly been seen sitting in a rocking chair. Many guests who’ve stayed at the Orrell House described finding all of their furniture turned upside down upon returning to their rooms.

Rates for the Haunted Colonial Houses begin at $216 per night based on double occupancy. Overnight accommodations also include all-access passes to the ghostly fun included in this year’s A Haunting on DoG Street: Curse of the Sea Witch.


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