Have You Seen This Man? Suspect Still Sought In Double Murder Of Two Indiana Teens.

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The recent double murder of two young teenage girls in Delphi, Indiana is captivating the country and has everyone wanting the person/s responsible for this crime, caught. 

On Monday-February 13, 2017, eighth-graders Abby Williams and Libby German disappeared while on a hiking trail in the area. Their bodies were found the next day in nearby woods.

Police recovered a short video clip of what a man, they believe to be responsible for the killings. For reasons unknown, Libby took Snapchat video of the man who police believe, would eventually take her life.

Police have released a still image from that video clip of the man in question, along with disturbing audio of the man speaking to the girls. In the short audio clip (below), you are able to hear the man say ‘Go down the hill’, while the leaves and trees rustle in the background. 

Just prior to the girls disappearance, a photo of Abby, taken by Libby and uploaded to her Snapchat account was also found by police. 

Abby Williams – Monon High Bridge. Delphi, Indiana


Person Of Interest. Delphi, Indiana double murder of two teenage girls.

Suspects Voice

Libby’s grandfather has made numerous heartfelt pleas to the public. 

“Look for someone who has recently changed their appearance … If you think it could be but then say, ‘No, he’s not like that,’ go with your initial instinct,” he said. “Let law enforcement … make that determination.

“However small it may seem … please, we need your help.”

The FBI tip line has received over 15,000 tips and a private reward funded by local businesses and people from around the country has exceeded $225,000. 

Facebook groups set up to discuss the crime have offered many theories and possible descriptions of what the man in the image is wearing.

Police have asked the public to call in a tip no matter how small it may be, because just one small piece of information, could be the missing link the police are looking for. 

Delphi is a small town, with a population under 4,000. The town lies in the heart of America and crimes such as this one, simply don’t happen there. 

The murders have an eerie coincidence to an unsolved crime that took place just a few hours away in Iowa. Lyric and Elizabeth vanished on July 13, 2012 while riding their bicycles on a trail in their hometown of Evansdale, sparking a massive search involving hundreds of police, rescue officers and volunteers.

Both crimes involved young girls in a remote area. Their bodies were both found near where they were last seen, and by a body of water. Both crimes were committed on the 13th day of the month. In addition, when both dates are added up, they numbers total 32. Both towns are home to multiple meat packing plants, which are close to the crime scenes. 

Police have not said there is a definite connection.

Police are also not convinced this person is local to the Delphi, Indiana area. There are over 6,000 billboards across america bearing the above ‘suspect’ photo. 

If you have an information on this case, the police and FBI are asking you to call, using the following information. 

TIP LINE | 1-844-459-5786


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