Have You Tried ‘Not Your Father’s Root Beer’? If Not…You Are Missing Out On A Very Tasty Buzz!

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If you happen to live in one of the 30 states that ‘Not Your Father’s Root Beer’ is sold in, you probably already know how awesome this tasty treat of an alcoholic beverage is. If you happen to live in the 20 states that do not sell this liquid gold, well, that is sincerely unfortunate…you are missing out in a very big way.

‘Not Your Father’s Root Beer’ is brewed and distributed by ‘Small Town Brewery‘ in Illinois and they are having a very, very hard time keeping up with order due to the overwhelming response beer drinkers, and even non-beer drinkers are having to the brew.

I first had one of these 12 oz bottles of awesomeness the other day as I sat, basking under the summer’s hot rays, eating grapes and the finest of Bri cheeses for lunch.

I will admit I fell in love that day, from the first sip to my last, I could not put this bottle down. I was like a little baby giraffe, suckling on my mommy giraffe’s teet, hoping and praying that the well wouldn’t run dry…but it did, and I was forced to go back to work. However, that incredible root beer flavor with just a little kick of fun and life made me jonze for another one all day.

After work I searched high and low for the brew, finally, at the sixth store I went to, I found a lonely six pack tucked away in the back of the cooler. I took the six pack out and realized that it was only a 5-pack, because some dippy doo took one brew out of it. Normally, this would make me rather frustrated, but in this instance it did not…and here is why.

Whoever that person was who purchased just ‘one’ of these bad boys is going to find out just how awesome this stuff is. He/she is going to have driven all the way back to his/her abode, cracked open the top and drank that puppy down in less than a minute. At that moment, this mystery man (or woman) with then say to themselves ‘shit, I should have bought more of this stuff’, and they will proceed to head back to the store to grab the remaining five bottles that they left all alone in the back of the cooler for me to discover. But guess what? Those five bottles are gone buddy…I got’em!

So was I frustrated, no. Was that yahoo who only bought ‘one’ of these tasty treats frustrated? Your damn right they were!

This stuff is incredible and if you haven’t tried it, try it. If you can’t buy it in your state, smuggle it in…it is totally worth it.

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Here is a little bit more info about NYFRB directly from Small Town Brewery themselves! 

Kovac passed down his family’s beer making tradition by working tirelessly with his son to craft the first version of “Not Your Father’s Root Beer.” At 10% ABV, the silky, smooth and satisfying finish is unmatched in flavor. It appeals to craft beer aficionados as well as those who don’t typically drink beer but crave something unique.

The award-winning “Not Your Father’s Root Beer” achieved a 95 rating from Beer Advocate and is a very popular choice at several Chicagoland bars. Small Town’s personally delivered “Not Your Father’s Root Beer” kegs consistently sell out at taverns across the Chicago area.

As Small Town Brewery continues to roll out new craft beers, Kovac is intent on providing the beer loving public with unique flavors that continue his family’s beer-making tradition. Available on draft and in bottles.

Want to find out if NYFRB is sold near you? Check HERE

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