He Waved Goodbye To His Friends And Then He Filmed His Last Motorcycle Ride

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Motorcycle’s are one of the most dangerous vehicles one can drive, but they don’t have to be. Motorcycle safety is a two way street. The motorcycle operator must be aware and ride safe at all times as do other motorists on the road.

The video below is a story about 38-year-old, David Holmes who’s life ended tragically when a car turned into his lane without warning. Holmes was wearing a helmet cam that captured the final moments of his life. Holmes’s parents saw the footage and wished to have the footage shared to shed light on motorcycle safety and just how quick a tragic accident can take place.

David was a young man with his entire life ahead of him. He was doing no different that fateful day than millions of other people around the world. Hanging out with friends, going for a bike ride and then heading home after a long day.

*Warning: The end of the video is rather tragic as it does show the moment Holmes made contact with the turning car.

Ride safe.


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