7 Awesome Health Benefits To Farting

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health benefits farting

Farting is a natural bodily function that aside from being funny at times…has some pretty awesome health benefits too! 

People around you may not thank you for farting, but your body sure will! Check out 7 of those health benefits below! 

1. Good For Colon Health

Keeping in your fart creates pressure from within your colon and as you keep it in, the pressure starts building. It could be really harmful to your colon if kept under tension for too long. It could also lead to further medical conditions related to your intestines too. 

2. It’s An Indicator Of A Healthy Gut Flora

An effective digestive system is like a well ran machine and as with every machine. With many machines, there should be by-products and waste. A healthy gut with healthy bacteria would  be more efficient and produce more of gas as it takes in ‘product’ and then turns it to ‘waste’. So, if you do produce air frequently, there’s no need to feel embarrassed. It’s all naturally good.

3. It Helps Relieve Bloating

Bloating is caused by the retention of air and gas. So, if you are bloated and need to let on rip, by all means, make it happen! You will feel much more comfortable and relaxed! 

4. It Can Help Balance Your Diet

Different kinds of food lead to different odors from a fart. If you eat a lot of meat, it would smell deeply unpleasant…but if you do not pass gas often, it can be a sign that you may need more fiber and roughage. So, if you observe it, you can easily make changes to your diet without actually going to a dietitian for help.

5. The Odor From A Fart Is Actually Good For You

Well, whether you want to believe it or not, the nasty smell of a fart is actually good for you! A study revealed that farts contain a gas called hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) which can be quite toxic in large quantities but in small amounts, it helps prevent cell damage. Further, it helps prevent some serious problems like heart diseases and strokes. 

6. Farts Can Be An Early Warning System

There are answers in those toots! Extremely foul smells, flatulence etc. could point out to health problems which may not have even felt till then. It can help you be aware of lactose-intolerance, colon cancer and more.

7. Farts Are Good For Your Heart

A well functioning body needs to get rid of waste and a fart is a form waste that is generated when we eat. Accumulation of gas in you can start building pressure over your heart. It may cause anxiety when you start detecting something wrong with your heartbeat but wouldn’t have thought it to be a fart. The pressure can also cause headaches as your entire body tenses up with the accumulation of pressure. Let it go, you will feel lighter and your heart will thank you.