19 Causes Of Eye Twitching

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Have you ever experienced an eye twitch? You probably have, because it can be caused by a number of different factors. There are three levels of eye twitching, the first of which being a minor eyelid twitch which is usually related to your lifestyle. When it happens, your upper eyelid starts blinking and you can’t make it stop — even if you try to steady it with your fingers. Sometimes it affects both eyes, and your lid moves every few seconds for about a minute or two. These kinds of twitches are usually painless and harmless, but irritating as well. They usually go away on their own. The second level is known as a benign essential blepharospasm, and usually starts appearing in mid to late adulthood. It starts off as easy to deal with, then gradually gets worse as you age. Only about 2000 people a year are diagnosed with it in the US, and while it isn’t a serious condition, it can interfere with your daily life. The third level is known as a hemifacial spasm, and it is rare. It involves both the muscles around your mouth and your eyelid and usually only affects one side of the face. Most often, the cause of the spasm is an artery pressing on a facial nerve.
Read on to find out what may be causing your eyes to twitch.

Alcohol Intake


Anyone who’s ever tied one on knows that alcohol gives you blurry, distorted vision — but it also causes eye twitching. Alcohol puts strain on the body, and affects the quality of your sleep which may go on to cause fatigue. Eye twitching isn’t a far fetched occurrence after a long night at the local watering hole.