16 Common Symptoms And Signs Of Concussion

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Concussions are described as a traumatic injury to the brain, usually due to an impact from an unfortunate accident. Most of the time, concussions tend to be sports or recreational activity-related, or due to vehicular accidents, work-related injuries, or possibly from horrible falls or in worse cases, from a fight.
When a concussion occurs, the soft brain tissue that happens to be surrounded by spinal fluid and the protective skull ends up getting shaken so horribly that the brain can actually move causing a ton of issues. These injuries can cause problems with a person’s vision, nerves and blood vessels, which can alter the entire function of a person’s brain.
There are three different kinds of concussions as well. Grade 1, which is considered a mild concussion, Grade 2, which is a moderate one, and Grade 3, known as severe. And what makes it harder is that unlike open wounds or broken bones, there’s no way to actually see a concussion when it happens. What adds to the difficulty to diagnose it is also the fact that symptoms don’t always show up right away. Some can take days or even weeks to occur, either lasting for just a few seconds or minutes, while others can last for hours, weeks and even years depending on the severity of the injury.
Because of this, it’s important to know what common symptoms and signs one should watch out for when looking out for a concussion.

1. Feeling Dazed or Confused

Since concussions occur from a traumatic brain injury, this means that someone has hit their head quite hard. Although it does happen, people don’t necessarily lose consciousness when they have a concussion, but they do have that feeling of being “knocked out” for a quick moment. It can also cause a person to feel highly dazed and confused, and to a variety of degrees as well. If the concussion is mild, it’s normally just a temporary feeling that doesn’t last more than 15 minutes. But if it’s grade 2 or grade 3, the feeling will last much longer.