16 Common Symptoms And Signs Of Pneumonia In Kids

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Pneumonia is a disease that affects a person’s respiratory system, specifically the lungs. When the alveoli, or the tiny bulbs or sacs within the lungs become infected and inflamed, they end up filling up with fluid rather than the oxygen that they need in order for a person to properly breathe.
Pneumonia is caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites or fungi, especially when it comes to children. But it can also occur from prolonged alcohol or other substance abuse, as well as lung cancer when it comes to adults. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), at least 16 percent of deaths in children aged 5 and below is due to pneumonia, reportedly killing one child every 20 seconds, an alarming rate for sure.
Unfortunately, when it comes to children, pneumonia can be harder to detect because symptoms are not as extreme as they are in adults. Add to that the fact that children’s immune systems are not yet fully developed as well, making pneumonia much more dangerous in kids. Plus school-age kids are also more susceptible to having walking pneumonia, which causes cold-like symptoms only in the beginning where kids aren’t too sick that they can still go to school and do other activities, when in fact, they are actually sick with a less severe version of pneumonia. But while symptoms may start off slowly, when left untreated, they usually become worse after a week or so and turn into full-fledged pneumonia. 

This is why it’s important to know what to watch out for when it comes to this occasionally fatal disease.
Here are 16 common symptoms and signs of pneumonia in kids.

1. Cough

A cough is explained as an automatic reaction or reflux that causes air to move from the lungs and out the mouth and nose. Coughing can happen for a number of reasons, like a sore throat, attempting to remove buildup of mucus, or because of food that might have gone down the wrong pipe. And a cough in kids, whether dry or wet, can also occur due to pneumonia in both early and late stages of the disease. While coughing in children is one of the most common sicknesses, and for a number of reasons too, but when it becomes chronic, it’s usually a sign of something more serious. While a cough can be due to allergies or asthma, many times, it’s due to pneumonia, which can be fatal when left untreated.