15 Common Symptoms And Signs Of Potassium Deficiency

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13. Nausea and Vomiting


When people are feeling nauseous, especially to the point of vomiting, their first instinct is to think that they ate something bad or upsetting to their stomach. In fact, most won’t ever think that it is due to a lack of potassium within their bodies. But because potassium is a large distributor to digestion, when it is lacking, people can have an upset stomach and a general feeling of being unwell, feeling nauseous, and even vomiting. Since potassium is an electrolyte, many people opt to drink Gatorade or other types of rehydrating drinks precisely to increase the amount of these electrolytes within their system. Of course the drink can only go so far, so if it’s a true potassium deficiency, they will need to speak with their doctor on how to best deal with it.