17 Home Remedies To Help You Manage A Hangover

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People who drink alcohol know about the dreaded hangover the next day. Each person has their home remedy to cure the hangover, but the truth is, there is no real cure. There are remedies that can help you manage the hangover symptoms and ease the discomfort. Some are scientifically proven, and some are, well, concoctions that some people swear by. There are several factors that affect the severity and length of a person’s hangover. Bad hangovers will make you just want to stay in bed the whole day, some people are hungover for days. A hangover will depend on: how much and type of alcohol you consume, your sex and age, your body type, how often you drink, personality differences, and biological factors. It’s not just binge drinkers who get hangovers, casual drinkers can get hangovers as well. Obviously the less you drink, the less you have a chance of getting a hangover the next day. But if you went overboard, here are some tips on what to do for the hangover.
Continue reading to find out some home remedies for a hangover:

Drink Lots Of Water

The simplest remedy, rehydrating helps alleviate the symptoms of a hangover. Alcohol is a diuretic, it increases the amount of urine a person passes. This loss of fluids can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. Staying hydrated helps your systems cope with the symptoms of the hangover. It also makes you feel better. Some people drink lots of water after a heavy night of drinking, just before going to bed. This could actually minimize the effects of a hangover. Water is really the best remedy.