15 Symptoms And Common Signs Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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2. Diarrhea

Medical News Today

Another common sign for someone suffering from irritable bowel syndrome is diarrhea-predominant IBS or IBS-D, meaning their IBS type causes them immense bouts of diarrhea. This is when a person has at least 12 bowels movements weekly, which is considered twice the amount of normal bowel movements for adults, and they are normally accompanied by pain as well. Some patients even complain that they have a sudden urge to go, and go immediately at that. Most of the time, the diarrhea is loose and watery, with mucus in the stool as well. Sadly for some patients, their diarrhea-predominant IBS causes so much stress and is difficult to deal with that they prefer not to go to social functions because they’re afraid that it will act up while they are out.