13 Symptoms And Common Signs Of Sinus Infection

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The sinuses are described as ‘a connected system of hallow cavities in the skull.’ There are four types known as the maxillary, which are the largest; the frontal sinuses, located in the low-center of the forehead. Then there are the ethmoid sinuses, located between the eyes, and the sphenoid sinuses, that are found in the bones behind your nose. All these sinuses are lined with mucosa, which are soft, pink tissues, while the rest of these channels are left open.
Sinus infections occur when there is an inflammation within the nasal cavities. They can be very painful, causing congestion and major pressure in the affected areas as well. Most of the time, sinus issues are due to viruses that eventually get better on their own, but there are other times when they are caused by bacteria or fungus. At least 31 million people in America alone complain of sinus infections every year, and because they can be contagious, they should be watched closely as well.
Sinus infections have a number of similar symptoms with allergies and colds, which makes them harder to diagnose. This is also why it’s important to know what the signs of sinusitis are in order to know whether you are suffering from another medical issue or if it’s truly due to a sinusitis.
As follows are 13 symptoms and common signs:

1. Sinus Pressure and Pain

When fluid gets trapped inside the sinuses, they can cause the nasal cavities or passageways to fill up. When this happens, it causes both sinus pressure and intense pain, especially when a person touches particular areas on the face. The pain usually comes from the sinuses being infected with bacteria or a virus, which cause swelling. At times, bending over will make the pain even more intense, and can even interfere with breathing, sleep and normal, day-to-day activities.