16 Symptoms And Common Signs Of Stroke

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A stroke is a medical condition that happens when the supply of blood to a portion of the brain gets cut off or is reduced. When this happens, the brain tissue stops receiving oxygen and nutrients, causing the brain cells to start to die in just a matter of minutes. A stroke is considered very serious, life-threatening at times, and if left untreated or unnoticed, can cause immediate brain damage and other life-long complications to set in quickly. The faster a person gets the right diagnosis and proper treatment, the sooner they can lessen the chances of having permanent damage.
In the United States alone, statistics show that at least 800,000 people suffer from strokes every single year. It is also the 5th leading cause of death within the US, with the shocking statistic of 1 person every 40 seconds suffering from a stroke. More women than men suffer from strokes and at least three-fourths of victims are 65-years in age and above. But this doesn’t mean that infants and young children cannot suffer from one either.
The most important thing to remember is that the faster someone receives treatment for this difficult and debilitating medical condition, the less chances of brain and body damage that comes with having a stroke. In fact, knowing how to identify a stroke can even save your life, or the life of someone you love, that’s why it’s important to know the signs of an attack.
Here are 16 symptoms of stroke.

FAST Method

Because the effects of stroke can happen quickly and remain permanent, the United Kingdom came up with a way to identify when a person is suffering from a stroke back in 1998 called F.A.S.T. The reason behind it was to help ambulance staff, doctors and emergency services personnel to be able to determine whether someone is suffering from a stroke so that they can begin treatment immediately. This way, they could begin treating patients in the ambulance while on the way to the hospital by administering the I.V. medication called tissue plasminogen activator – a medication used to dissolve the blood clots that block the blood flow to the brain – within the first three hours of the stroke to lessen chances of major damage, if any. Read on to see the meaning of F.A.S.T.