14 Ways To Clear Your Ears of Water

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Getting water trapped in your ear canal is a pretty normal thing, especially if you go swimming a lot — or if you just so happen to tilt your head in the shower, or something similar. If this happens, and water gets trapped inside, you may feel a slight tickling sensation in your ear, which can extend to your jawbone or throat. It is also possible that you may not be able to hear as well out of that ear, or you’ll only hear muffled sounds. Usually the water drains out on its own, but if it doesn’t, it may lead to an ear infection known as swimmer’s ear. It isn’t difficult to get water out of your ear, but please do not resort to using cotton swabs, your finger, or other objects to dig inside of your ear to get that trickle out. Doing this can make matters worse by introducing more bacteria to the area, pushing water deeper into your ear, injuring your ear canal, and puncturing your eardrum.
Check out this list of the right ways to get rid of water in your ear instead.

1. Jiggle Your Ear

You can get water out of your ear by gently tugging or jiggling your earlobe while tilting your head in a downward motion towards your shoulder. You can also try shaking your head from side to side while tugging. Be sure not to pull too hard though, as you don’t want to accidentally injure your earlobes. Be very careful when dealing with your ears, as they are extremely sensitive instruments and an infection in your ear can be very painful.