What You Need To Know About Throat Cancer

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Power of Positivity

Throat cancer is relatively uncommon compared to other cancers, and the National Cancer Institute estimates that only 1.2% of adults in the US will be diagnosed with oral cavity and pharyngeal cancer within their lifetimes, and that only 0.3% of adults in the US will be diagnosed with laryngeal cancer.
However, as with any sickness, it is best to catch throat cancer as early as possible in order for treatment to be more effective.
If you have a combination of these symptoms, make sure to make an appointment to see your doctor for a cancer screening as soon as possible.

Change in your Voice

Though rare, laryngeal cancers that form on the vocal cords often cause hoarseness or a change in your voice, and therefore can be found at a very early stage. People who have voice changes that do not improve within two weeks should see their doctors as soon as possible.