You Can Now Get A Heated Blanket That Plugs In Your Car For The Person Who Is Always Cold

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A company named Stalwart has come out with a heated blanket for the car, and it’s warming bones all over the place!

If you are one who is always cold, this blanket is pretty much a no brainer!

Imagine riding shotgun in a vehicle all bundled up in your own warm, fleece lined wrap! Sure the heat inside a vehicle is great, but there is nothing better than a heated blanket to really take the chill off.

And for the under $26 and free shipping from Amazon, this is the perfect gift idea for yourself, or someone else who gets cold easily!

This is a throw blanket! The perfect size to throw over any shivering body and stay warm during colder drives!

It plugs straight into the car, just like a cellphone charger. It doesn’t get any easier than that!


The cord is even long enough to reach to the backseat, so you can bundle up all cozy like!

The blanket weighs less than 3 pounds too!

If you ever give one of these as a gift…you will be a freaking hero!