Heinz Is Skipping The Super Bowl, But They Have Other Plans For The Monday After!

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Now this is just plain awesome! 

Heinz Ketchup, makers of last year’s much-loved, dachshund-filled Super Bowl commercial, is sitting out this year’s game. But they are not straying too far from Super Bowl weekend. 

The brand today launches a grassroots campaign to get the Monday after the Super Bowl—when everyone is a bit cranky, or even calling in sick to work, after a night of partying—to be declared a national holiday. 

The brand has started an official Change.org petition to “make Monday more like Sunday.” The new holiday, Heinz says, should be “Smunday.”

This comical video explains further: 


This isn’t the first time a brand has proposed this. Coke Zero did the same thing in 2012. Either way, it is a super cool idea! 

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