Here Are 21 Of The Most Wildly Inappropriate Children’s Toys Of All Time

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21 of the most inappropriate children’s toys of all time! 

Some families are now harassing toy maker Hasbro because part of their new Cake Mountain play set looks suspiciously like a penis. This is the toy in question:


That definitely is phallic in nature.

Despite calls on Facebook from parents for Hasbro to do something about the inappropriate toy, they’re still keeping silent.

While this controversy continues to brew, it got us thinking: what other inappropriate children’s toys are out there? Quite a lot, actually. Nevertheless, we narrowed it down to our 21 favorite toys. Are they inappropriate? Judge for yourself.

1.) I don’t think different animal species get this close to each other in the wild.

2.) I want to know where that child got an Adolf Hitler doll.

3.) This Batman water gun is poorly designed.

4.) Why would you make a shaveable toy?

5.) The blue one is fine, but the pink one sort of looks like something else.

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6.) Come on, Ralph. Really?

7.) It looks like this bear is wearing a ball gag.

8.) A biologically correct sperm plushie, the perfect children’s gift.

9.) How is pooping rainbows a selling point?

10.) Look closely at this one…

11.) Who approved this design?

12.) That’s just bad parenting.

13.) Plushie roadkill toys are the surefire way to traumatize your child for life.

14.) Those aren’t whistles.

15.) Nothing is more fun for kids than messing with radioactive materials.

16.) Why is Elmo trying to strangle that kid?

17.) I know she’s not doing drugs, but it really looks like it.

18.) Selling cars encased in mini hand grenades and beer cans doesn’t seem like the best idea.

19.) Those assault rifles look a little too real.

20.) I think you already know what that looks like…

21.) Teaching kids how to pull off a bank robbery.

What happened to simple toys that didn’t look like weapons or genitalia? Ah, those were the days.