Here Are The 10 Best Feminist TV Shows That You Should Totally Tune In For!

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Who doesn’t want to get comfortable and tune in to watch a few episodes of feminist fueled TV? Here are some of the best feminist TV shows you should be checking out!

1) “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

“The title is meant to be a deconstruction of a stereotype, and the whole show is about deconstructing the boxes that we’re supposed to be put into,” she told Salon — when she was nominated for a Golden Globe!


2) “Marvel’s Jessica Jones”

A superhero story, this 13-episode series is actually a gutsy, disturbing portrayal of a woman coping with the trauma of being sexually and psychologically enslaved by a man who, in a chillingly preening performance, manages to both caricature and embody the very worst of male privilege.


3) “UnREAL”

TV vet Marni Noxon teamed up with former “The Bachelor” producer Sarah Gertrude Shapiro to bring us this dark comic gem about a very “Bachelor”-esque series, starring Shiri Appleby as a talented and internally tormented producer who hates herself for being so good at her job. (In a typically cynical move, the pilot has her wearing a “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” tee.)


4) “Catastrophe”

Rob Delaney and Irish comic Sharon Horgan jointly created this Amazon series about a trysting couple who accidentally get pregnant and decide to go with it.


5) “Another Period”

This mashup of the Kardashians and “Downton Abbey” is the best thing about Comedy Central this year. As uber-wealthy Newport sisters Lillian and Beatrice, creators Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome have done a hilarious and masterful job of skewering not only our obsession with reality TV, but also, most crucially and topically, the world’s real-life obscenely wealthy one-percenters.


6) “Difficult People”

A comedy about, seemingly, themselves: Two highly opinionated New Yorkers who simply can’t experience anything without keeping a running, bitingly caustic commentary.


7) “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

” The show manages to parlay a very dark premise — a woman who’d been rescued from years of imprisonment in a bunker — into a commentary on the ridiculousness (and often sexism) of New York life, via Kimmy’s landlord (Carol Kane), her employer (Jane Krakowski) and her roommate (Titus Burgess).


8) “How to Get Away with Murder”

Shonda Rhimes’ latest venture brought us an indelible character in Viola Davis’ brilliant, bisexual criminal law professor of questionable morals, for which Davis became the first black woman to win an Emmy award for best actress in a drama — making headlines with an acceptance speech that referenced Harriet Tubman. “Let me tell you something: The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity,” she told the audience.


9) “Orange is the New Black”

This one really doesn’t need an introduction. This series only gets better and better and we can’t wait for the new season to drop!


10) “The Mindy Project”

Let’s consider “The Mindy Project” newly invented now that it’s moved to Hulu this year, and consider the audaciousness of what Kaling has done in recent episodes: Namely, attack the very thing that this show has set us all up to love, the Mindy-and-Danny romance.


Honorable mentions: “Inside Amy Schumer,” “Good Girls Revolt,” “Supergirl,” “Empire,” “Outlander,” “Broad City,” “Orphan Black,” “Transparent,” “Madam Secretary,” “Getting On,” “The Fosters,” “You’re the Worst” and “Veep.”


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