Here Are The Different Types Of Moms You Meet. Which Mom Are You?

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From the ‘Parenting Expert’ to the ‘Hot Mess’, these are some of the different types of moms out there!


The PTA Mom 

She always knows what’s going on. She even brings snacks when it isn’t even her turn to!


The Parenting Expert 

This mom always has some sort of useless information to pass on that she feels other mothers must know!


The Crunchy Mom

She only feeds her children foods that are labeled organic. Her kids school snacks typically consist of yogurt made with goat milk and some sort of granola product. 


The Hipster Mom

She prefers her children to listen to vinyl instead of that processed MP3 crap!


The Hot Mess

She is probably the most common of mommies out there. Always running around, losing her mind and feeling as though she is never quite caught up! We love hot mess mommy!



…and…she can never tell if that stain on her shirt is poop, or chocolate! 


Which mom are you?


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