Here Are The 100 Most Expensive Things In The World

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15. World’s Most Expensive Cocktail – $12,970

Luxury Launches

This isn’t the first expensive cocktail on the market, but it is the most expensive one you’ll find. Costing an incredulous $12,970, “The Winston” was created by Joel Heffernan for Club 23 in Australia. A big reason why it’s so expensive is because it has at least 60ml of the 1858 Croizet Cuvee Leonie cognac, which is recorded as the most expensive cognac sold at auction. The drink is actually served on a bed of chocolate and nutmeg soufflé soil, as well as hand-made spun sugar and Chartreuse grapevines making it look like a work of art. And even crazier than the price is the fact that the person who bought the drink didn’t even finish it before he paid his bill and left.