Here Are The Two Monsters That Murdered ‘Baby Doe’

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The time has come to exploit the images of these two monsters. 

For the last three months Boston police have been searching for answers in regards to the found body of a toddler known to the world as only ‘Baby Doe’. Now, the questions have been answered and two individuals are in custody, charged with murder and accessory to murder.

‘Baby Doe’ finally has a name. Bella Bond is her name, officials said. She was just 2 1/2 years old.

bella bond1

The individuals in custody, lowlife Rachelle Bond, Bella’s mother and her scumbag boyfriend Michael Patrick McCarthy.

McCarthy is charged with murder and Bond is charged with accessory to murder.

When the story first broke about ‘Baby Doe’ being found, word traveled far and wide. ‘Baby Doe’s’ computer generated pictured reached over 47 million people on Facebook alone. This poor girl didn’t stand a chance and was truly an innocent victim.

Both Bond and McCarthy are known to police and have criminal records, a senior official said.

Gov. Charlie Baker said child-services workers had had contact with the girl twice, in 2012 and 2013, and that both cases were closed.

The fact that their were two cases and both were closed and this poor little girl wound up dead, is a cause for concern. What on earth were child services doing? Clearly there were signs of a serious parenting issue as two cases were opened in such a short period of time. Time and time again we hear cases involving child services that end horribly. We give horrible, harmful parents to much leeway. We give them chance after chance and the child ends up hurt in the end.

We can only hope that these two monsters receive the harshest punishment that the law allows. Hopefully the electric chair is getting warmed up as you read this.

bella bond3



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