Here Is How To Maximize The Life Of Your Bananas

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Can you really have enough kitchen hack knowledge? The short and long answer is, nope!

If you are like me, you hit up the grocery store on a weekly basis – snag a few bananas, and then watch them throughout the week as they turn brown and soft. When I had enough of wasting bananas on the weekly, I decided to check out how I could make them last longer. And that’s when I found this awesome little kitchen hack.

Check it out!

The hack is actually quite easy. All you have to do is place your bananas in the freezer (with the peel still intact).

When you have a craving for that potassium filled natural wonder, simply run the frozen banana under hot/warm water, peel and then eat!

There is no browning and your bananas will stay fresh longer, because there is no air getting to the banana due to the frozen peel!

You are welcome!