Here Is The Answer To The Flower Math Problem That Is Driving Everyone Nuts!

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We recently posted the following math problem on our Facebook page and wanted to share the actual answer with you…just in case you were wondering.

flower problem

And the answer is…25!

Why is it 25? Here is why. The answer is truly in the details.


Each red flower is valued at 20  



Each blue flower’s value is based on how many pedals the flower has. Making each blue flower valued at 5. So…one red flower (20) + blue flower (5) + blue flower (5) = 30



Blue flower (5) minus two yellow flowers valued at 1 each = 3   



Since we know now that the yellow flower holds a value of 1 and the red flower holds a value of 20…we focus on the blue flower. This flower only has four pedals, therefore making the value of this blue flower only 4. So, Yellow (1) + Red (20) + Blue (4) = 25!

25 is the simple answer but to see another theory on this answer, many people believe this answer in unsolvable.  Unsolvable Flower Math Problem and Why??

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