Here Is The Perfect Exercise To Correct Poor Body Posture

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Having bad body posture is definitely not good. Over time it can take it’s toll and lead to some discomforting physical health issues.

postureIn this day in age, poor body posture is quite common as a lot of us sit in front of computers all day or are hunched over looking at cell phones and tablets. Add in a poor diet and lack of exercise and you are looking at a recipe for poor posture disaster.

If you lie on your stomach, face down, and slowly lift the front of your body while raising, and keeping, your head up, then this will help strengthen your posture. Try to lift as high as you are comfortable with, but don’t push it. Your arms should be at your sides with hands on hips. Try doing this for ten repetitions.

Everyday, as you strengthen, add a few more reps and get rid of that poor posture for good! You will be walking tall and sitting high!