Here Is What Getting Just 30-Minutes Of More Sleep Will Do For You!

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A new study suggests you can get a huge jump start to your day by getting just 30-minutes more sleep! You don’t have to make a huge adjustment to your schedule to reap the benefits of more shut-eye.

If you are one of those people that find themselves dragging and lagging throughout the day…you are not alone. Getting a few minutes more sleep…will more than likely cure you of lagging and dragging! It’s literally that simple.

According to a new study, you need less than one additional hour of sleep per night to jump start your overall functionality at work and life in general.

Researchers at the University of California San Francisco Human Performance Center tested whether the reaction time of professional baseball players in the MLB would improve if they got more sleep.

Over the course of a four-week training camp, 17-players got two nights of their regular amount of sleep. Then the members of that group were randomly selected to have either five nights of extended sleep or five nights of their habitual amount of sleep.

The players in the first group went from getting 6.3 hours a night to 6.9 hours. Even though it may not seem like 36 minutes would make that much of a difference, it had some significant positive effects. The researchers found that the players’ daytime sleepiness, fatigue and tension decreased by more than one-third with the longer duration of sleep.

Players who received more sleep performed 13% better than those who had a regular nights sleep in a cognitive processing speed test, they reacted 122 -milliseconds faster.

They were also tested on their ability to pay attention when put in distracting situations. The players who slept for a half hour longer responded 66-milliseconds faster.

It may not seem like a big difference, but there is a difference and that is significant in and of itself.

Give it a try! Get to bed a half hour early and see if your days start to improve. After all, if just a half hour can save you from an entire day of stress and exhaustion…help you perform better at your job and in daily life…than it is totally worth it!