Here Is What Just One Can Of Red Bull Does To Your Body

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Red Bull is a wonderful tasting beverage and with the added benefits of jolting your system into alertness, it is quite popular. However, it really isn’t the healthiest of drinks that one could consume. 

Red Bull cost just about the same as an over priced coffee, but you get a lot more than just a caffeine buzz! 

As it turns out, one measly 250ml can of Red Bull sets your body off on a 12 day journey where there is no going back. From the moment the liquid hits your lips, its energy infusing powers begin to do their magic and also of course, damage.


1. Within 10-Minutes

The caffeine enters your bloodstream causing blood pressure and heart rate to start to rise.

2. 15-45 Minutes

Caffeine level peaks in your bloodstream which makes you more alert and improves concentration.

3. 30-50 Minutes

Caffeine becomes fully absorbed and your liver responds by absorbing more sugar into bloodstream.

4. 1-Hour

Body beings to experience a sugar crash and the effects of caffeine wearing off. Overall energy level decreases and you may experience fatigue.

5. 5-6 Hours

Half of the caffeine content in your body is reduced around this time. Except for women on birth control, who will take about twice as long to reduce caffeine levels.

6. 12-Hours

Caffeine is fully removed from the system for most people.

7. 12-24 Hours

You may begin to experience withdrawal symptoms including headaches, irritability and constipation.

8. 7-12 Days

This is the time frame that your body takes to become tolerant to the drug that is caffeine.

I think I’ll stick to coffee!

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