Here Is Where You Can Grab A Cup Of The Most Expensive Coffee In America

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The coffee inside this cup isn’t the only thing that will wake you up…the price tag will too!

Extraction Lab, a new coffee joint in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, that opened last Friday, is serving up the most expensive cup of coffee in the country at up to $18.

Annie Gaarder, a 30-year-old actress who was on her lunch break, called it a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to try America’s priciest coffee.

“I would probably rather have a meal, but it was delicious,” she said. “Next time, I’ll get a lower-priced coffee. This was the life experience for me.”

The shop’s $14.75 brew, called the “Jeremy Zhang Gesha,” is a rare Ethiopian Arabica bean that is grown in Panama and made — like all the shop’s coffees — in a $7,000 coffee maker called the Steampunk.

Soon, the java joint will be offering a higher quality version of the Ethiopian Arabica bean…that cup of Joe will cost you $18! 


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