Here’s How Many Calories The Average American Thanksgiving Meal Has

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What if we told you that the average person consumes the same caloric intake as eating 8 McDonald’s Big Mac’s on Thanksgiving? Crazy right? But it’s true!

Thanksgiving is pretty much a day where anything goes in regards to eating. Many of us just eat and eat and eat until we are so stuffed that we need a nap. But how many calories are we actually consuming prior to being put into a food coma?

For starters, the average American ends up consuming twice the amount of calories that they expect. According to Basis Science Inc., Americans will expect to consume around 2,000 calories at Thanksgiving dinner, but according to the Calorie Control Council, they actually consume at least 3,100 calories, probably closer to 4,500 calories, on average.

To put that into perspective, 4,500 calories is the equivalent of consuming 61 chicken wings or 8 Big Macs from McDonald’s. It’s essentially the same as eating 28 Krispy Kreme donuts or 21 slices of Domino’s Cheese Pizza, from a caloric counting standpoint.

Despite the insane amount of calories, Thanksgiving meals are typically much healthier than Big Mac’s and slices of pizza. So that’s a plus.

So now you have some fun facts to share with your friends and family on Thanksgiving day! Enjoy — and don’t eat too much!