Here’s How To Build A Smartphone Movie Projector Using A Shoe Box!

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This awesome DIY project will allow you to increase the image or video displayed on your phone up to 15x the size! That means, in most cases…you can project and image or video on your wall up to 60″ diagonally! 

The video and instructions are brought to you by IdunnGoddess!

For this project, you will need:

  • Two shoe boxes
  • Magnifying glass (diameter 75 mm)
  • Electrical or black duct tape
  • Scissors and knife
  • Black paint
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Smartphone (or paper photos)


Step One

Connect two shoe boxes together. Make sure both boxes together equal at least 60 cm long. You can use one large box (60 cm), but it should be narrow.

Step Two

Cut off a hole for the magnifying glass.

Step 3

Cover all holes in the boxes so only light passes through the magnifying glass ONLY!


Step Four

Then paint the inside of your boxes black! You can use any type of paint for this…as long as it’s black!

Step Five

Now you must make the smartphone holder. You can use a plastic bottle for this. Check out the video tutorial below for instructions on how to! 

Step Six

Set the holder inside the back part of the first box (the one without the magnifying glass). 

Phone settings! Turn phone screens brightness to the maximum. Turn off screen rotation. Flip your phone upside down (so the image or video is playing upside down).

Place your phone in the holder with the screen facing the magnifying glass. 

Step Seven

Focus and distance: Tune the focus by moving your smartphone (with holder) backwards and forwards in the first box. Here are few tips about distance:

  1. Distance from phone to magnifying glass – 60 cm, Distance from magnifying glass to the wall – 1 m, image size – ~8 inch
  2. Distance from phone to magnifying glass – 50 cm, Distance from magnifying glass to the wall – 1.5 m, image size – ~15 inch
  3. Distance from phone to magnifying glass – 40 cm, Distance from magnifying glass to the wall – 5 m, image size – ~60 inch

Now, shut off the lights and enjoy the show!