Here’s How You Can Find The Best Cruise Deals Right Now

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A number of cruise companies are offering some cheap and exciting cruise deals to your dream destinations right now. And with a number of them being all inclusive at that, we’ve included a ton that you don’t want to miss!

Generally, when it comes to cruises, their prices are quite expensive. Just one traveler could be made to pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for a cruise.

For those looking for some variety in the way they travel and want a different kind of vacation, going on a cruise is the perfect choice. Cruises are incredibly popular among retirees precisely because they have a relaxed feel, but they also offer delectable buffets, as well as lovely warm weather. They also offer a ton of entertainment while on board from entertaining shows, to pools, to a number of other social activities that most seniors enjoy.

To find the best cruise deal for you, here are some useful insider tips. Retirees that consider following this advice could be well on their way to having the vacation of a lifetime without having to spend a crazy amount in the process.

Allow Flexibility When Booking

When you are retired, you are pretty free from any time commitments or time consuming schedules, which also leaves you with an open calendar when it comes to traveling. This also means that you have the convenience of traveling whenever you like since you are no longer tied down to a job. This also gives you the opportunity to book a cruise during any part of the year, which could lead to significant travel savings too.

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One particular way to save money is to wait to book your cruise at the last minute, which could actually give you the chance to avail of some incredible discounts. During last minute bookings, the less desirable interior staterooms tend to be cheaper at this time since cruise companies need to fill up their un-booked rooms before the ship literally sails as to not lose any revenue.

Also, as a ship’s departure date approaches, cruise companies begin to reduce their rates as well. In order to make the most money from the cruise that they can, companies need to fill up all the rooms. Because of this, many choose to lessen their prices right before the ship leaves the port. Notably, they don’t reduce the prices right away, but gradually so that they still make a profit. Be mindful of the fact that many of their prices continually decrease the closer they get to departure.

You can only benefit from these last-minute bookings if you don’t have a rigid schedule. There are even times when you’ll only have a few days to prepare for your trip, while other times could even leave you with just a day to pack. And while you may not even get a chance to choose the stateroom that your prefer since most of the more appealing rooms were booked ahead, considering how much you are saving is already a huge bonus in our honest opinion. Besides, you can save a lot of extra money this way, which is why we recommend this strategy for travelers that aren’t too particular about where they sleep.

Purchase A Joint Cruise and Flight Package Deal

When you are traveling over the age of 50, it needs to be an easy and simple process. By purchasing a joint cruise and flight package deal, it can make the entire journey much easier and stress-free.

Another factor to consider when choosing a joint package is the ability save some extra cash.

Oftentimes, cruise companies offer deals that already include flights, hotel bookings, and whatever shore excursions you want to do. Top of the line cruise companies like Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Celebrity Cruises are a few that offer this service, putting together inviting packages for travelers to choose from. You can even lessen costs of your entire travel by choosing the whole package option.

Cruise lines normally book hotels that are closer to the port, which means that you can also reduce costs of travel when using taxis and other forms of transport. And if you look carefully, some of these bookings also include airfare.

Never Book During Peak Season

While retirees no longer have to worry about work schedules, they also don’t have kids still in school. This adds to more flexibility when planning out a vacation. Cruise companies are aware of this, which also means that they give incredible discounts for cruises when you choose to go on a trip during the off season.

Normally, cruise prices are much higher in summer and spring, which is why it’s harder and less likely to find an amazing deal during that time. Rather, we recommend looking for deals in the cooler fall or winter months. Since retirees no longer have to think about work or kids, they can enjoy coupon codes and sales when planning out their trips.

One of the best seasons in the year to get great discounts on cruises is during the fall. When you plan your travels before or after the holidays, there are bigger chances to receive a big discount during those times. In fact, some cruises even give special discounts for those that are 55 years old or older.

Again, such cruise lines like Carnival Cruises, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises are the a few of the most popular cruises that offer these special senior discounts. Regardless of the destination, the kind of cruise, or even the favored stateroom, there are ways that you can avail of these sales and get substantial discounts. You could possibly save yourself hundreds of dollars with some of these offers. As a matter of fact, the Royal Caribbean is offering cruises from Florida with a starting price of $219. Meanwhile, Holland America has 1-day cruises on the Pacific Coast for less than $100. And another cruise liner, MSC Cruises, is also offering a single-night cruise from Genoa to Barcelona for just $69.

Some cruise line companies also offer senior discounts to those that sign up for their mailing list or their loyalty program. That’s one other option for seniors to consider when searching for discounts. If you do enough research and compare prices online, you’ll be able to find a ton of incredible deals that will allow you to have the vacation of your dreams.