Here’s Why Senior Living Communities Are Gaining Popularity

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Seniors would love to live in a beautiful retirement home without having to spend a fortune. The good news is that independent living communities are currently offering luxury accommodations at low prices.

We know that a normal living condition does not come easy for retirees and seniors. Clearly, they need more care and attention because of their age. Surely nobody would like to leave their homes which they got used to, but at times it is necessary. It’s a good thing that there are many senior communities that offer a comfortable independent living lifestyle.

Usually, family homes require a lot of maintenance and care because they can be quite spacious. It would be difficult for one or two people to maintain a home built for an entire family. Repairs and even the simple chore of cleaning may become a problem for seniors, particularly if their budgets are limited to retirement benefits or social security.

But fortunately, there are alternatives that surprise many people which offer unique benefits that seniors can enjoy which they may not get in their own homes.  Choices from a cooperative housing, assisted living facility, or a specialized nursing home. All options have 24/7 attention and care.


Safe and healthy living facilities

Most seniors face certain health issues like impaired mobility, cognitive decline, and other health concerns which limits their independence. Definitely, they need more care and attention. Some changes also need to be made to make their lives more comfortable, and the extra costs can be unreasonable. For instance, installing a wheelchair ramp can cost up to about $6,000.

However, senior living facilities can offer affordable rates, while accommodating your specific needs, whether you have mobility or cognitive issues. Seniors can remain healthy in a safe environment, as all safety equipment is available on the premises. And, living in a senior community entitles the senior to proper medical assistance as required.

Another aspect to consider, is that the facilities offer regular exercise and fitness classes. No need to travel to the gym as everything is located on the premises. Aside from it being fun, regular exercise is important for seniors to keep healthy.


Social interaction

While it may be true that some people are better at socializing with others, every senior is given ample opportunity to socialize. The facilities were designed that way. Seniors need not be alone in their quarters, the senior living facilities make it easier to socialize and continue close ties with friends. Many facilities offer exercise classes, book clubs, card games, or quilting classes, to name a few. Aside from being fun, these activities have the potential to generate positive cognitive benefits by encouraging social interaction between residents. Mental health issues like depression may be more resolved by staying active and social.

Several studies have shown a link between brain health and physical and mental stimulation. These social activities offered by the living facilities will possibly improve the seniors’ cognition and memory.

And there is more, private transportation is also available for fun activities, go grocery shopping, or attend events and religious services. Seniors don’t have to worry about driving themselves, they can relax and be safer.



 While costs vary, depending on the type of senior living facility, it is wrong to assume it would be expensive. They were built for affordability and comfort, as compared to maintaining your home with extra costs. It is estimated that about 1 in 3 seniors are spending too much maintaining their homes. Living in a senior facility would allow them to save much needed funds. This may come in handy when medical issues arise, or unexpected bills.

The best part is that there are also government grants and programs that can help defray costs for a senior living facility. One option is the Good Samaritan Society. All you have to do is provide them with proof of limited income, and they will provide you with a housing subsidy even if you are only 50 years old.

So seniors, rather than live alone in  a place too big for you, and maintain it, consider moving to a senior living facility. Luxury and comfort, while making new friends. There will never be a dull moment, and your life may improve substantially. Do some research online for options and prices, or ask friends who have already made the move. Surely you’ll find something for you.