Hero Bus Driver Stopped A Kidnapping In Progress With A Brilliant Plan

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This past weekend a 3-year-old boy was reported missing from a library in San Francisco. About an hour later,  Tim Watson, a Valley Transportation Authority #bus driver noticed a man with a boy who fit the description of the suspect and child.

As the bus was headed down the road, Watson noticed that the boy was crying. That is when Watson, a father of two followed his parental instincts and devised a brilliant plan to find out what was going on.

Instead of confronting the man and the boy, Watson pulled the bus over and asked all the passengers if they had seen a missing backpack. This was done so Watson could get a closer look at the suspect and the boy. While passengers were looking for the ‘missing backpack’, Watson called the police.

Once the bus made its way back to the bus station, police officers were waiting. When Watson did indeed find out that the boy was kidnapped, he broke down crying. He saved a little #boy from a very tragic situation. Way to go Watson!

Source : Youtube