WATCH | Heroic San Bernardino Officer ‘I’ll Take A Bullet Before You, That’s For Damn Sure’

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In the wake of yesterday’s horrific mass shooting in San Berdardino, California we find ourselves able to glimpse into the real life actions and words of one heroic police officer.

As one San Berdardino police officer was taking civilians to safety, rescuing them from the building where two gunman were actively shooting and murdering innocent people…a cell phone camera rolled. What it caught, was nothing short of comforting, respectful and goes to show that law enforcement officers will protect and serve their fellow citizens.

As the large group of nervous civilians were being escorted out of the building a police officer reassures them not to be scared and then makes this statement, “I will take a bullet before you do, that’s for damn sure”.

That is one of the most powerful statements we as a nation could ever hear. In a time where ISIS has not only started a war in our homeland, they have begun to instill fear in the American people. The words spoken by this particular officer instills a high level of reassurance that the men and woman who serve our country, both in military and civilian rolls, are there to protect us.

This was not a case where this police officer was being interviewed, or looking for a pat on the back. This was a real life, horrific situation where this man rose to the occasion, performed his duties he swore to perform and let scared civilians know that he would die for them. A heartwarming, incredible gesture.

A small moment in time that truly puts a massive impact on the American public.


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