Hidden Secrets In Every Day Objects That You Probably Didn’t Know About!

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When something is built or created, there is typically a logical explanation for every part of the object in question. 

Below, we will show you some common things that hold some interesting secrets…that you probably didn’t know!

1. Did you know the crown of the Statue Of Liberty has seven points, one for each continent on earth? Her light of freedom extends to everyone on the planet. 

2. Those blank pages in books are blank for a reason. They are put there so the book has an even feel to it and is more comfortable to hold. 

3. The number on the side of cosmetics isn’t random. It is there to let you know how long the product will last, so you don’t damage your skin. 

4. Those different colors on the bottom of toothpaste tubes mean something! 

Blue- natural + medicine

Green – natural

Red- Natural + chemical composition

Black- Pure chemical

5. The King of Hearts actually has a historic connection. Some people speculate that this king is actually King Charles VII, who put a sword through his own head. You’ll never look at this card the same way again!

6. Ever notice why pen caps have holes in them? Holes are put in pen caps as a safety feature. That way, if someone swallows a pen cap, they won’t choke!


7. Gas pumps are made with magnetic breakaways at the end of the pump hoses. So when you drive off with the hose still attached to your car like an idiot…you don’t take the pump with you!

8. Have you ever noticed the tiny hole in the bottom of an airplane window? If so, it might have made you nervous at first, but it actually plays an essential role in keeping people safe while flying high! 

The hole is called a ‘bleed hole’ and it sits in the middle pane of three window panes that help protect people from the outside pressure. The hole takes the pressure off of the outer pane and exposes it to the cabin pressure gradually. This fixes any pressure imbalances on the windows. 

9. Soda cup lids serve many purposes. But did you know that if you take the lid off of your soda cup and place it underneath…it serves as the perfect coaster?

10. Every wonder why most doorknobs are made of brass or some sort of alloy metal? Brass and other alloy metal door knobs can help prevent antibiotic resistance in bacteria from spreading. So, that means that these doorknobs can help prevent the spread of ‘super bugs’ as they are antimicrobial!

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