High-Impact Home Improvement Ideas

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From tiny changes to huge alterations, there are many ways to breathe new life into your home. If time is at a premium though, it can be tricky trying to find ways to make a real difference.

However, it is possible to create an impact without having to spend weekends working away. Whether you want to add value for a sale in the future or you’re planning on staying where you are and want to update the space, here are some inspired home improvement ideas.

A Lick of Paint

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One of the most effective ways to change things up is to get painting. You could go for a feature wall to bring a tired-looking chimney breast to life or swap the magnolia walls for fresh colour. Even a slightly new colour can energise a room and provide a different take on the living space.

Light it Up

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Clever lighting can have a huge impact on a space. This needn’t involve an expensive investment in lampshades and new fixtures; it can simply mean you take stock of the space and think about shifting the focus slightly.

Try moving the standing lamp to a different corner of the lounge or pop the table lamp on the sideboard instead of leaving it in its redundant spot on the coffee table. If you’d like to buy some new lighting, take some time to work out where you want it to go and enjoy literally seeing your home in a new light.

Accessorise, Darling!

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Adding some new accessories to a room can instantly update the colour scheme. Swapping your cushions, purchasing a new rug and adding different lampshades in the living room are all easy ways to introduce a fresh colour to the space– especially if you’re tapping into current trends.

Likewise, a cool lime green chopping boards and an orange toaster can add a pop of colour in the kitchen, while a blue soap dish and bath mat can rejuvenate the bathroom.

Throw Some Shade

Source: https://www.nightanddaywindowdecor.com/

Updating your window dressings is another clever way to change a room’s appearance. Whether your lounge has a neutral paletteor your bedroom has a delicate lilac hue, the curtains or blinds you opt for can be transformative.

Opulent curtains in a deep golden yellow can beautifully complement cream-coloured walls, while classic Venetian-style blinds, such as those from Direct Blinds, offer a cool way to control light in the room.

How are you planning on updating your home? Do you think you’ll try a new paint job or will you get accessorising?