High School Softball Catcher Makes Two Brutally Dirty Plays At Home Plate

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A Texas high school softball catcher made a couple of seriously dirty plays at home plate during the Texas 4A championship game, which Hargrave went on to win 6-4.

In one instance the ball is nailed over the head of an out fielder, as a runner is approaching home plate the catcher, catches her out of the corner of her eye and throws a massive elbow, knocking the runner down.

As if that wasn’t bad enough…it happened again. Almost like deja-vu, a runner is coming home and this time the catcher throws an even harder elbow in to the runner, causing the runner to literally go flying past the plate only to end up on the ground.

The crowd erupted, screaming ‘she did it again, she did it again’. What do you think? Should the catcher have been tossed from the game? Talk about poor sportsmanship.

Source : Youtube