Guy Tries To Chase Car That Rear-ended Him, Flips His Own Car And Continues The Chase

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high speed chase accident

In the video below, one New Jersey resident went on his own high speed chase as he attempted to following a car that had rear-ended him on the highway.

The driver of the getaway car was driving extremely erratic on the interstate, weaving in and out of traffic and driving at a high rate of speed.

The person who is filming the video had just been rear-ended by the getaway car and was in full pursuit. As the getaway car exited the highway, the victim followed. However, the victim lost control of his car, spun out and flipped his car. The car landed back on the tires and the victim continued chase while the passenger was on the phone with police.

The guy filming the incident wasn’t determined to make sure the crazy driver was held accountable.

We are not sure what the end result was of this situation, but it is quite the action packed video – that’s for sure!