Highest Earning Celebs And Non Celebs Exposing It All On OnlyFans

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If you’ve never heard of the new social media platform OnlyFans, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Although the UK-based social media site began in 2016, it only gathered steam during the pandemic, catering mostly to adult-themed content that require members to be 18 years old and above that don’t mind paying hard-earned money to subscribe. While the site features all types of creators including fitness trainers, chefs, musicians and tons of celebrities, it’s best known for the fact that it also allows pornographic material as well. With the entertainment and nightlife industry losing out on tons of earnings during the pandemic, Hollywood celebrities and other content creators have joined this platform to find new ways to make money, and boy did it not disappoint.
See which celebrities made over $21 million in a single month and who else you might find on this notorious site.

Warning: Extremely Graphic Photos To Follow!