This Hike Will Lead You Straight To An Abandoned Ghost Town

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This is probably one of the coolest hikes you can go on — and it’s located in Ohio.

To reach the ghost town, you’ll head down Rock Camp Rd., just off of King Hollow Trail. If you don’t want to hike through Moonville as well, you can park near the intersection of King Hollow Trail and Rockcamp Road.

First off, how cool are the names of all theses roads, trails and towns sound?

The trail runs through some county owned property…so make sure to keep an eye on the signs! For a more detailed map of the Moonville Rail Trail, click here

King’s Hollow Tunnel, (also known as “Mineral Tunnel”, “King’s Switch Tunnel,” “King’s Station Tunnel” and “King’s Tunnel”), sits on the same old rail line as the Moonville Tunnel.

The tunnel was built around 1855 by the Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad. The tunnel later became part of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and then the CSX, before it was abandoned in the 1980s.


The town was heavily involved in mining and iron manufacturing during the 19th century.

Pictured above is an 1867 map of Kings Station and Mineral City. Today, the ghost town is simply referred to as Mineral.

Near the tunnel, you will find all sorts of old parts of the ghost town, such as abandoned buildings.

The history here is pretty cool! Just imagine all the hidden treasures that probably lie within this ghost town. If you are a treasure hunter — there is no doubt some awesome treasures hidden in the soil from centuries past!