Hilarious 6th Grade Ventriloquist Steals Show And Then She Starts Yodeling! Wow!

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This young lady has so much talent and she is only in the 6th grade! 

Darci Farmer, performed the routine below back in August as a way to welcome her teachers and classmates back to school. “We’re about to perform for some of my teachers!” she excitedly tells her dummy at the beginning of the act.

It starts out cute; Darci does a great job of keeping her mouth still while her dummy “speaks,” and the two have a nice rapport. But when music suddenly begins to play and Darci begins to sing “I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart,” that’s when she really stuns everyone!

Not only is Darci a phenomenal singer, but she has created a separate voice for her puppet, complete with a country twang. When the pair begin to yodel, the crowd can’t help but break into cheers.

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