Hippos Rush In And Save Wildebeest Being Attacked By Crocodile

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hippo crocodile wildebeest

72-year-old  Mervyn Van Wyk and his wife Tokkie were on a safari in South Africa’s Kruger National Park when they caught a rare moment of animal helping animal on camera.

While going down river, the couple came across a wildebeest being attacked on the shore by a crocodile. The crocodile had a hold of the wildebeest’s tail and foot and was trying to drag him back into the water. As the struggle continued onward for a few minutes, the unexpected happened.

Two hippos that were down river started to come towards the crocodile and wildebeest. Clearly the hippos understood that the wildebeest was fighting for his life, so they intervened.

The hippos charged and stepped on the crocodile, which forced the crocodile to let go of the wildebeest. The crocodile knows better than to try and take down a massive hippos, so the hippo’s simply turned and walked away.

The wildebeest’s right back leg was greatly injured, but he is alive. You just never know what you are going to see when in the wild!