Historical Photos That Show A Cool Side Of The World You Won’t See In Textbooks

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Textbooks show a lot of images of the world and events that have taken place over the last 100 years, but often times, they are not that interesting. There are so many interesting and weird events that are often over looked. Check out these super interesting photos that show a more interesting side of the past.

1. Jeff Bezos, Creator of Amazon Before the Wealth

It may not have been in the most impressive office for 1999, but it clearly got the job done!

2. Titanic Survivors

Someone these pups found their way onto life boats and escaped death as the Titanic sank.

3. Vintage ad for asbestos

To think, this was actually something that people used often! Talk about scary!

4. Freddie Mercury as a child

Yes, Freddie Mercury — lead singer of Queen, was a child once! Although many probably think he was sent from above, with voice like that!

5. McDonald’s prices from the 1960s

Oh, how times have changed — prices too! Could you imagine buying a hamburger for just .15 cents? You could purchase this entire menu of items for the price you pay in tax now a days on a basic McDonald’s order!

6. A gas powered scooter in 1916

That’s right, scooters did exist all the way back in 1916! Imagine how cool you must have been to own a scooter back then!

7. Labor and delivery costs in 1943

Nowadays, $29.50 would equal about $429.22 which is still much, much better than the $10,000 plus that it actually costs to have a child in 2019.

8. Line of people looking for work during the great depression

The Great Depression is a time when just about everyone was looking for any type of work. Money was scarce and work was even harder to find.

9. Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love on their wedding day

Only Kurt Cobain could pull off wearing a flannel on his wedding day!

10. Just a goat lounging on the side of a mountain

Mountain goats literally do not care about heights. These guys can climb more than 1,500 vertical feet in 20 minutes. That’s taller than the Empire State Building!

11. Cow shoes

Many illegal bootleggers used these shows to evade the police! They couldn’t match their shoe prints if it was made with cow hooves! This was super popular from 1919 to 1933.

12. A young Anne Frank

This photo of young Anne Frank was found among her family’s belongings. Her and her friend were on the way to play some jump rope! This was before WWII and just before her world was turned upside down.

13. The real Moulin Rouge

This is what backstage looked like at the infamous Moulin Rouge cabaret. Pretty classy!

14. A young Prince

A young Prince walking down the street, no doubt — being awesome and vibing hard!

15. Bill Gates 1973 high school photo