Toyota’s 2017 Holiday Commercial Will Hit You Right In The Heart

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holiday commercial toyota

Toyota released a commercial during ABC’s “This Is Us” that is a real tear-jerker. You will probably cry, but in a good way, while watching it!

In the ad, a couple is driving to their parents’ homestead in order to cut up a massive, old tree that fell down. The woman tells her husband that the tree meant a lot to her parents.

Moving onward, we see the woman going through old family photo albums, where the tree is prominently featured. Her parents, in their younger years, had carved their initials into the bark.

holiday commercial toyota

The woman remembers being a child and taking her parents’ photo as they stood in front of the solid trunk of the tree.

When the woman’s parents, now grandparents, arrive for Christmas dinner that year, they are surprised to find that the family has repurposed the wood of the tree into a gorgeous farm table, complete with the initials they’d carved all those years before.