Home Depot Is Selling A Giant Red Eyed Animated Dragon That Breathes Fog

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Just when you think you have found the coolest Halloween decoration ever…another one shows up!

First, Home Depot delivered massively with the 12-foot tall skeleton, and now they are dropping a massive animated dragon — that breathes fog! Whaaaaat?

But this dragon is just unreal and has amazing detail! It is animated and can even release fog from it’s mouth like smoke!

The animated dragon stands 69 inches tall from head to toe. It emits a roaring sound and its eyes light up! Talk about cool!

One Home Depot reviewer named Stephen had this to say:

Imagine the oohs and awwws that you’ll hear when trick-or-treaters of all ages come upon your house and see this 69 inch tall dragon with loud roars! It’s quite a sight! This animated giant dragon was very easy to put together and disassemble because the flanges on the legs and arms were clearly marked and attached easily; just align the pieces together and twist. Great for the family to help create a unique Halloween experience.

The eyes have red LED lights for a creepy and eerie glow! The mouth will move and release the fog when you attach it to a fogging machine…that you have to purchase separately.

There is some assembly for this bad boy though…

You can purchase your own Giant Dragon from Home Depot for $399! It will be worth every penny!