Wait What? You Can Go To Home Depot And Buy An Entire House For Under $13,000

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Buying a house is a bold decision, especially when it is compact, miniature and assembled from separate constructive building components. But what if you need to deliver the entire cargo in integrity and safety to its destination? In this case, apartment movers who have experience, knowledge and skills in the field of cargo transportation will help and will be able to easily carry out loading and unloading operations up to the assembly of small houses according to the structure of the Lego toy known to many, only in a “natural” and realistic volume.

Who would have thought that you could go to Home Depot and purchase an entire house! Crazy right?

The tiny houses are created by the Tuff Shed company and they come in a couple of different sizes.

There is a 16′ x 20′ option and a 16′ x 24′ option. Where the houses are two stories tall, you have roughly 400-square feet of living space on the first floor and another roughly 400-square feet of living space on the second floor. 

So basically you can pick up an 800-square foot home for just under $13,000. Now that’s crazy! 

Once you purchase the home, you simply need to add your own tiny touches to it! Just like Beth and Barry Smith did to theirs, seen below. 


The Smith’s new building required quite a bit of interior work to become a cozy living space. They worked with local contractors to complete the insulation, plumbing, electric wiring, and drywall.


The trim, tile work, and décor were completed by the Smiths. With the picture perfect design and decor, it’s clear that Beth was in her element when finishing the interior.

And there is plenty of kitchen space too! 

The bedroom is quaint and cozy, feature enough space to relax and live comfortably! 


I’m sure you are curious about how the bathroom looks — well it doesn’t disappoint! 

A sink, a toilet and a normal sized shower and bathtub! Looks good to me! 

There is a decent amount of closet space too! 

If you are looking for a unique and decent priced tiny home, Home Depot and Tuff Shed are where it’s at!