Home Upgrades For Healthier Living

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Most people associate healthy living with diet and exercise. While both are essential for good health, your environment has a very important impact on how well you feel in the present and the future. When you consider the amount of time that you spend in your home, it just makes sense that it should be the healthiest environment possible. What are some of the ways you can make your home a healthier place?

1. Upgrade Your Bedroom

Source: https://www.hgtv.ca/

Bedrooms can be made healthier with just a few upgrades such as adding a plant or two to filter out pollutants in the air and add oxygen. In addition, they will add to the look of the room. Consider getting a new mattress for better sleep, preferably one that supports your body properly. This can make a huge difference in how you feel by allowing you to sleep better at night. Bad allergies are another health problem which can be remedied by a bed upgrade. An Essentia mattress and others made from organic latex provide a natural resistance against dust mites and mold. This can help allergy sufferers prevent waking up with sinus irritation, itchy eyes, and sore throat, which are hardly the conditions someone wants to start their day.

2. Improve Air Quality

Although your HVAC system filters the air in your home, there are some particles that might not be filtered out. Investing in an air purifier can help remove particles that have been linked to heart disease and lung problems. Of course, making sure that your home is free of dust on a regular basis is important. However, many people do not realize that the upper edges of windows, door frames, and picture frames are places where dust builds up and dust mites are present. When exposed to the dust mites over a long period of time, asthma and allergies can develop.

3. Plant a Vegetable Garden


Planting a vegetable garden has many health benefits. The physical activity involved is one. Time spent outdoors can also help relieve stress. Watching your garden grow is also beneficial because it gives you a sense of accomplishment. An added benefit is eating all the healthy and nutritious vegetables you have grown. Fresh vegetables are far superior to the ones you buy. Planting a garden can reduce your risk of developing many ailments including diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

4. Create an Exercise Room

If you have unused space in your home, it can easily be converted into an exercise room the whole family can use. It can be a spare bedroom, part of the garage, or a portable building in the backyard. All that is needed is a few basics to get started. Dumbbells, stability balls, resistance tubes, and an exercise bike are affordable and great for starting out on a budget. You can always add more work out equipment a little at a time until you have what you want.

5. Use Zero-VOC Paint For Home Improvement



Most homeowners paint or have rooms in their home painted regularly to keep walls looking fresh. There are not as many worries today about lead paint or asbestos as there were in the past, but using a zero-VOC (volatile organic compound) paint is healthier. This paint does not release toxic gasses or chemicals into the air. High VOC levels in a can of house paint can cause many serious health issues including damage to your central nervous system, kidneys, and liver. I type of paint being used.

The health and well-being of you and your family are more than just eating right and exercising. Not only must you make sure your environment is healthy, but take effort to enhance it in order to promote healthy living options. These are just a few of the upgrades that can be made to improve your living space to make it healthier.